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  • XforWooCommerce 1.7.0 crucial vulnerability update
    Hi! We’ve had a security vulnerability in our plugins which includes anyone messing up with your website, or even acquiring an admin account. Vulnerability severity: HIGH. Please update to the latest version to keep your website safe.
  • Randy and Teddy Adventure Road Steam Wishlist
    Game page is live on Steam. Add it to your Steam Wishlist! STEAM PAGE → https://store.steampowered.com/app/1650400/Randy_And_Teddy_Adventure_Road
  • Randy and Teddy: Adventure Road is Announced
    The game is officially announced and will be live by the end of August 2021. If you have no idea who’s Randy or Teddy visit https://randyandteddy.com to find that out. The game page should be live during next week when we’ll start accepting first fans 🙂
  • CarSync.io is hiring
    More good things come from Serbia! CarSync, the amazing car-share company that emerged within the last year is hiring new staff in their Serbian office. To find out the details about it visit this page https://carsync.io/jobs.
  • Best coffee in Serbia?
    Do you drink coffee in the morning? In the afternoon? All basically all the time? If you need a good one and you’re based in Serbia, lucky you! This is my personal recommendation. Cream Coffee / Biro Kafeterija. Order online here! https://creamcoffee.rs