10 Jul

The All-Powerful WooCommerce Product Filter Reaches Version 4.0.6

If you are running a WooCommerce based web shop and are still not using the WooCommerce Plugin Filter, you are missing out!

Now, in it’s version 4.0.6 incarnation, the WooCommerce Product Filter is head and shoulders above all similar plugins on the market today. This is due to amazing new features like Ajax load on Shop and Product Archive pages, full WPML support, new beautiful styles and layouts (sidebar left, sidebar right, sidebar with overlay left, sidebar with overlay right and full-screen filter mode!), along with the old awesome options like Adoptive Filtering, Range Filters (works with custom attributes as well!), filter presets and overrides, instant filtering, stock filtering, Widget version and so much more.

Now it’s even easier to get the WooCommerce Product Filter running on literally any WordPress template as the new version comes with an amazing Advanced Options page, where you can configure the Product Filter Shop/Product Archives Installation using Template Overrides. There is even an option for setting a Product Filter Init Action in case you are using a really messed up template and are having troubles with the installation. Everything has been foreseen and appropriate options have been implemented for a hassle-free installation and use of the WooCOmmerce Product Filter plugin. Another addition in this new version is the brand spankin’ new Filter Manager, that neatly pack the option for each filter into expandable sections for the beast usability and user experience so far.

The WooCommerce Product Filter has come a long way since it first appeared on CodeCanyon and it will only continue to expand and improve with each new update, which is clear from all the new features and options it has brought us.

Check out the full video guide for the WooCommerce Product Filter bellow and see all the awesome options and functionality.

WooCommerce Product Filter Skill Requirements – suitable for beginners and advanced users!

View official plugin website @ this LINK

View it in action @ this LINK

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5 thoughts on “The All-Powerful WooCommerce Product Filter Reaches Version 4.0.6”

  1. Hello,

    First of all. What a greate plugin. Realy easy. I only have a few questions. Hope you can give me the answers.
    1. I would like to show the search field only at the TAG column. How is that possible?
    2. The column ‘sort by’: How can I delete some options like ‘best reviewd’?

    Thanks in advanced.

    Kind regards,

    Roy Vervoort

    1. and one question more.
      On my shop you can always by any product even if it is not on stock. This is on backorder. But with the in stock or out of stock colums every product is in stock. How can I adjust this to when a product is in backorder it is not in stock?

      Kind regards,

      Roy Vervoort

  2. Hello.
    Your plugin looks very nice. Is there an option to buy unlimited version? I have several websites and want to use it on more of them. Could you please send me an e-mail? Thank you.

    1. Hello, thanks for the kind words. At the moment you can only purchase one license per site. Currently there is no “unlimited sites” license for any of Mihajlovicnenad.com plugins. Thanks for understanding.

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