24 Dec

Happy New Year 2016!

Wishing you all a healthy, bright and successful 2016! Happy New Year!

We at Mihajlovicnenad.com have had an extraordinary year and we would like to share the results of our growth with the world and thank all our users for being part of this great code adventure! We look forward to bring you even more amazing tools for your WordPress websites and WooCommerce web shops in 2016.

Our premium plugins proudly appear on over 4.000 websites and there are over 2.000 active installations of our free plugins available at WordPress.org. Plugins like the Widget and Sidebar Customizer for WordPress, Vecty – SVG Post Grids and Timelines and User Submissions for WordPress improved the look and extended functionality of WordPress based blogs and websites. The WooCommerce plugins like the WooCommerce Product Filter, WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager, Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerce, Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerceWarranties and Returns for WooCommerce and the Share, Print and PDF Products for WooCommerce have brought invaluable tools for any web based shop or business, featuring advanced Ajax filtering, full product creating and editing management from your shop pages, shop and product page design customization, powerful warranties and returns functionality and much more. We even released all our WooCommerce plugins as an Essential Shop Bundle for WooCommerce at a reduced price, to save your hard earned cash and offer an all-in-one web shop solution.

Mihajlovicnenad.com (CodeCanyon user dzeriho) was among the featured authors on CodeCanyon from March 17th to 14th of 2015 and also had a featured item, the awesome WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager. We famous now! The overall earnings at the end of this year since when this all began in December of 2014 has increased by a whopping 368% and there have been over 4.200 sales of our items! That buys a lot of tea and biscuits. The ‘flagship’ plugin developed by Mihajlovicnenad.com that is the WooCommerce Product Filter has reached over 10.000 unique views per month and has been in the CodeCanyon popular items list all year long in 2015. We have had a returning visitor rate of 40% and we take pride in that, knowing our users are satisfied and confident about using plugins from Mihajlovicnenad.com. Talking about our lovely users, it is interesting to mention that half of our satisfied customers are aged between 25 and 34 years of age (47%) and are predominantly male (85%), while the geographic location of our users encompasses the whole planet, with the following countries being among the most active:

  1. US
  2. India
  3. UK
  4. Germany
  5. Netherlands

The top channels bringing together our plugins and their happy users were:

  • Organic – 37.4%
  • Direct – 34.2%
  • Referral – 22.9%

While we are extremely happy with these numbers, we are already working hard on creating even better and more improved versions of our existing plugins, as well as releasing cool new projects in the coming year and reaching an even greater base of users. See you in 2016. It’ll rock!

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