08 Mar

WooCommerce update 2.5.5 causing problems? Not anymore. We are ready!

If the fact that with the every WooCommerce update your plugins need to be updated too doesn’t make you happy, and if you are experiencing problems when you install a new version of WooCommerce 2.5.5, we offer a solution. Mihajlovicnenad.com plugins and extensions work perfectly with the new WooCommerce and WordPress updates! We are ready and at your disposal now!

Look no further. Our plugins work perfectly with the new WooCommerce update, so your customers won’t even notice that anything changed. You don’t have to look for assistance because our plugins and extensions can do work instead of you. Your site doesn’t have to go on maintenance or offline anymore because your plugins doesn’t support new version of WooCommerce. With our plugins never get outdated! We provide automated updates with a single click from WordPress. Our plugins can save you time and your invaluable creative flow. Download Mihajlovicnenad.com plugins HERE →

After every WooCommerce update users report problems regarding incompatibility with their plugins, extensions and themes. If you have waited for a long time to update plugin, after new version of WooCommerce, that is surely because of plugin author’s irresponsibility and not being able to develop plugin update in time. We are not like that! We develop plugins that will fulfill your needs anytime. Don’t be disturbed by long conversations with technical support and wait for answers that really don’t solve your problems. Don’t lose hours testing WooCommerce updates in a staging environment prior to updating a live site – With Mihajlovicnenad.com plugins you can continue your work like nothing happened and updated. Plugins we develop word like charm as they are designed with customers in mind. When you are using themes and plugins from 3rd parties, you often experience problems with compatibility after WooCommerce update, but you hear no answer from plugin author for ages. We are at your disposal anytime, as you get the chance to have conversation with plugin author to answer questions and get you assistance with reported bugs and issues. So you can be sure that any new WooCommerce version won’t affect your business and your store will be online always.

Join worldwide community of our satisfied customers who rely on Mihajlovicnenad.com solutions for managing WooCommerce online store or WordPress web site. We develop plugins with our customers pleasure and satisfaction in mind. We strive to ensure compatibility with our plugins, WooCommerce will work with our software in any version.

Try some of our most popular plugins and see what everyone is talking about! We will be happy to hear your impressions and comments!

Download Mihajlovicnenad.com plugins HERE →

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