02 May

The ultimate theme for WooCommerce is here! ShopKit Theme!

Our plugins are used on over 10000+ websites! Problems? Only with bad themes and custom coding. We needed a stable environment for our plugins to keep your shop safe at all times. Lately a few crucial updates were released for WooCommerce. Users were faced with a lot issues coming from their themes. ShopKit Theme is here to get over all these “begginers” issues and focus you on selling only! ShopKit is the only pack that includes essential tools for WooCommerce. The all mighty Product Filter for WooCommerce, Improved Sale Badges and Variable Products, Frontend Manager, Warranties and Returns.. This list is really long ($294 worth of plugins to be precise)! All synchronized and ready to go!

 ShopKit Theme will boost your conversions!

ShopKit Theme follows WooCommerce best coding practices and supports all plugins developed for WooCommerce, by WooThemes or other third-party authors. Theme is packed with options like no one before! Full control over header and footer areas from theme options. Including settings for layout, style, design, fonts, backgrounds and more! Settings for WooCommerce are detailed too. Product loop options, designs, single product page designs and effects.

-30% Sale!

Currently ShopKit Theme and all Mihajlovicnenad.com plugins are on sale -30%. Get them now for your next project and save $$!

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Lets focus on some major improvements ShopKit Theme brings over its competition. Exclusive plugin, Product Filter for WooCommerce, is included. When it comes to shop websites filtering products is really important! ShopKit supports variable product in stock and out of stock filters. These functions are available on Shop and Product Archive pages. Variable images are supported too. Products in multiple colors, when filtered, will show appropriate image. Our variable support extends beyond this with the Improved Variable Product Attributes plugin included exclusively in ShopKit Theme too! Support for selecting product variation on Shop and Product Archive pages is a must nowadays as well as new WooCommerce 3.0.0 gallery and zoom features. ShopKit features a lot more!

ShopKit WooCommerce Functions

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Product Columns! Related and Upsell column options
  • Fluid columns 6 > 3 > 2 on mobiles! Awesome product display
  • 6 Product Effects! Zoom, Zoom and Fade (Uses first gallery image as second image), Fade (Uses first gallery image as second image), Flip Horizontal (Uses first gallery image as second image), Flip Vertical (Uses first gallery image as second image) and No Effect.
  • Hide any Product Loop or Single Product element on pages! Easy ON/OFF switches for Titles, Ratings, Prices, Descriptions, Add to Cart. More options on Single Product pages, Product Meta, Up-Sells, Product Tabs and Related Products.
  • EASY Product Searches that include Product Content/Description and Taxonomies!
  • Products per page number easy customization
  • Single Product page customization! Product Image on Left, Right or Centered
  • Single Product Image width setting and Thumbnails Columns up to 10!
  • All standard Zoom/Quickview/Lightbox plugins are supported
  • AJAX Product Filtering in Shop/Product Archives AJAX filtering in custom pages with shortcodes
  • …and more!

ShopKit Theme Features

  • Super Fast, Super Light! Theme includes only 1 LESS generated CSS file and ~3kb of JavaScript!
  • Included Exclusive Plugins! 9 Premium plugins from Mihajlovicnenad.com + Visual Composer, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and Revolution Slider! Great value!
  • Unlimited sections and UI elements in header and footer! All styleable with 500+ fonts, colors and backgrounds, resolution/device or page dependent! “Can I add this here?” will never be asked again
  • Best responsiveness ever. With all sections and elements having visibility checks for mobiles/laptops/desktops, systems behind the element align and our non-JavaScript layouts, your web shop on mobile/handheld devices will look like a native app
  • Child themes for best practices. We’ve packed 3 child themes that automatically set the options when installed. Demo content is included and can be installed with a single click
  • Mihajlovicnenad.com exclusively included plugins! WooCommerce Product Filter, Frontend Shop Manager, Improved Variable Products and Sale Badges, Warranties and Returns, Share Print & PDF, Newscodes, Newscodes WooCommerce Extension and Widget and Sidebar Customizer
  • Up to 4 sidebars in the content area with separate width and mobile/laptop/desktop visibility settings
  • Custom CSS for responsive resolutions too! Set your custom CSS based on the device layout display. Write CSS for mobiles, tablets or laptops and desktops separately
  • Great WooCommerce support! 5+ years of experience in WooCommerce coding
  • Still not convinced? We support this too! How about a private forum here https://mihajlovicnenad.com/support/ Just connect with your Envato account and our staff will be with you right away

-30% Sale!

Currently ShopKit Theme and all Mihajlovicnenad.com plugins are on sale -30%. Get them now for your next project and save $$! Sale ends May 7th, Sunday 4:00 PM CET

Get Mihajlovicnenad.com Plugins     Get ShopKit Theme

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