Month: June 2018

27 Jun

We’ve changed our support policy! Here’s the official post about it!

Premium Support is back! Get it here →

Hey! Four (4) years I’ve been providing you guys with the awesomest plugins for WooCommerce and, of course, support for these items. Now, things need to change. Recently, past 12-18 months to be precise, my work is 85% support and 15% everything else. Being overwhelmed with support isn’t a good thing, plugin development suffers, most valuable customers walk away, basically everything falls apart, while I talk over and over again about the same problems, that are already mentioned in the documentation, as well as their solutions. Where did that get us? To a bad place of course. Not having time to do anything properly is the main cause we’ve got outdated documentation, outdated video guides and bugs that crawl from version to version. Now, choosing between having lousy products and lousy support, opposite to having exceptional products and no “regular Envato policy support” is pretty clear to me.

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