27 Jun

We’ve changed our support policy! Here’s the official post about it!

Premium Support is back! Get it here → https://mihajlovicnenad.com/support

Hey! Four (4) years I’ve been providing you guys with the awesomest plugins for WooCommerce and, of course, support for these items. Now, things need to change. Recently, past 12-18 months to be precise, my work is 85% support and 15% everything else. Being overwhelmed with support isn’t a good thing, plugin development suffers, most valuable customers walk away, basically everything falls apart, while I talk over and over again about the same problems, that are already mentioned in the documentation, as well as their solutions. Where did that get us? To a bad place of course. Not having time to do anything properly is the main cause we’ve got outdated documentation, outdated video guides and bugs that crawl from version to version. Now, choosing between having lousy products and lousy support, opposite to having exceptional products and no “regular Envato policy support” is pretty clear to me.

Support is OFF, but we’ll have better and cheaper products!

So, we move on.  Regular Envato support policy is now OFF for all my plugins. What does this mean? Firstly, all my plugins will be a lot cheaper (on sale and regularly up to -50%). I want everyone to use these plugins, and putting a high price to justify the support part of the process just isn’t what I want to do here. E.G. Product Filter for WooCommerce was priced at $39, now it will no longer be this expensive. New price is just $24! Regular customers that use this stuff, will be very happy about it. Only newcomers might be affected, so I’ve put out a plan to help you guys out even better, than actually talking to you in person. The price is down, that’s one positive thing, but the question still is will there be any support for these items? Yes, of course! That’s the main thing about this, but it’ll not be done in a manner that you’re used to.

New rules aren’t that bad! You’ll have your own community forum!

New support rules say – “We don’t provide support under regular Envato policy, however, we will reply all your questions in the Item Comments section”. Meaning, if you have a question about the plugin, yes we will surely reply it. The paragraph continues – “A public forum on our website is available for all our customers! Feel free to browse the topics and chat with the crew” – meaning, we’ve opened a support forum for all our customers, but you guys are going to solve issues on your own using this forum. We will have officers to keep things tidy, but problems will be solved by the community and will stay open to the public eyes, so that anyone can see how things are working on. The public forum URL is https://mihajlovicnenad.com/forum Register your account now and instantly engage in this process. “Additionally, we’re providing a 7 days trial period. If you request a refund within the first 7 days of your purchase, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked”. So, if this doesn’t sound like a good deal to you, then you’re probably one of those customers I’m doing this “new support thingy” at first place.

New and exciting things are coming! Stay tuned 😉

As for the future, don’t worry about your plugins/themes, they’ll work as you’re used to, with all the new WooCommerce versions that are coming out. Regular, lifetime updates will still be released, and not just the updates, but I really plan to take these plugins to a next level, and all I need is a bit of time. This, is basically freeing up time, to develop new and exciting things we all know these plugins are lacking. Thanks for your understanding!

Sincerely yours,

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