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16 Oct

Share, Print and Download your WooCommerce Products

We all know how much social network presence means for your business success and eventually the profit you make selling your products.

Now, with the Share, Print and PDF Products for WooCommerce plugin, your web shop visitors can share your products on 5 of the most popular social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. More shares simply equal more sales, so this plugin literally pays for itself and is super easy to set up.

Along with this, bundled in one plugin, come two other awesome and very useful features: Printing and PDF download of your WooCommerce Products! You’re shoppers will be able to print or download your Product pages directly from your website in a very clean, printer friendly and modern design with your store logo and custom text included. Or maybe you need a hard copy of your Product pages or are building a digital catalog for your shop. It’s never been easier to do with the Share, Print and PDF Products for WooCommerce plugin. Just download all the product pages you want to include as PDF files and compile them together using a dedicated software. Both you and your customers will love the features the Share, Print and PDF Products for WooCommerce plugin introduces to your shop!

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04 Aug

WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager 3.0.0 has arrived

It’s here! The WooCommerce Frontent Shop Manager version 3.0.0 is now available on CodeCanyon and it brings a whole bunch of awesome new features! One of the most exciting new features is the availability of Downloadable Products, with full support for vendors, along with many other features that were lacking in previous versions. Check it out here.

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10 Jul

The All-Powerful WooCommerce Product Filter Reaches Version 4.0.6

If you are running a WooCommerce based web shop and are still not using the WooCommerce Plugin Filter, you are missing out!

Now, in it’s version 4.0.6 incarnation, the WooCommerce Product Filter is head and shoulders above all similar plugins on the market today. This is due to amazing new features like Ajax load on Shop and Product Archive pages, full WPML support, new beautiful styles and layouts (sidebar left, sidebar right, sidebar with overlay left, sidebar with overlay right and full-screen filter mode!), along with the old awesome options like Adoptive Filtering, Range Filters (works with custom attributes as well!), filter presets and overrides, instant filtering, stock filtering, Widget version and so much more.

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27 May

The WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager version 2.0.0 has arrived!

When it first saw light of day on the Envato Codecanyon.net marketplace, the WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager was a revolutionary idea made into a plugin by Mihajlovicnenad.com
Now, in it’s 2.0.0 version, it has become an even more ground breaking tool for anyone using WordPress and WooCommerce to sell their awesome products. This ultimate and must have tool for anyone wanting to save their time running a WooCommerce based web shop just got a whole lot better! Now, there’s almost nothing you can’t do to your products right from your shop’s frontend.

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24 Jul

How can you customize your WordPress widgets with no CSS knowledge?


Have you ever wanted to style your widgets differently than your current theme design is? Tried searching the Web for it and found only complex CSS classes and complex codes that you don’t understand? Can this be done the simple way like WordPress is meant to be? Well now it’s official. Yes you can!

The simple plugin called Widget Customizer for WordPress, which is sold exclusively at CodeCanyon does the trick in no time. With this plugin you can easily switch between already made presets or create your own. Let me guide you true the process.

When you install this plugin a new widget will appear in your WordPress widgets area. Let’s insert the Recent Comments widget in the sidebar we’re using. Now select the +Widget Colorizer and drag it before this Recent Comments widget. Set the Recent Comments widget and open the Widget Colorizer.

Here you have a bunch of options including Import/Export functions and the Presets Manager. For now we will be explaining the Custom Preset or exactly how to make your own style and we’ll deal with the Export/Import and Presets later.

Let’s say we want to use some different fonts for our new widget. Choose Raleway font for your titles and PT Sans for your text. The title size we’ll set at 20px, line height at 24px, our style will remain normal and we’ll set the 200 for font weight. Now let’s setup the text font. We’ll choose the 14px, 24px line height, normal for style and 400 for our text font weight.

Now we are going to set some colors. We’ll use dark gray for the title and text, and set some link colors and hovers. Background will remain unchanged. Now let’s setup border colors. We are going to use light gray shades here. Also set the borders width to 1. As we are using borders, we’re probably going to need padding also. So let’s set padding spaces to 24.

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30 Aug

21 Popular Brands That Are Using WordPress

WordPress is a nifty software for managing content, or blogging. Due to the fact that it is open source, many say that it is not the best choice for a serious project due to insecurity and bunch of other nonsense reasons. To prove those points wrong and show you that WordPress can be used for serious projects that can go big scale, we are highlighting the most popular brands that are using WordPress.

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