A complete list of 5+1 websites to get digital assets from

When building various presentations, codes, services, games or anything you might think of, you will need some assets. Here’s a list to amazing websites which give an amazing amount of value for your money.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a creative asset service that works with unlimited downloads and subscriptions, making it ideal for designers and creatives who use multiple media formats for their work. A complete multimedia solution for your creative needs.

Envato Elements image library includes high-resolution, royalty-free images taken by a worldwide community of photographers. Reviewers select images, designs, templates and illustrations created by artists worldwide. 

With thousands of items in one place, Envato Elements is exactly the resource you need and you can download as many assets as you want. In addition, all downloaded items are subject to a single license, which grants you extensive commercial rights in their use.

So, need music or sound effects for your game project? There’s a million and one on Elements you can use. How about some special hand-drawn fonts that will suit your title really good, or any stock photo and video to match.

Visit Envato Elements →

Pexels.com – Free Stock Photos

Need free stock photos? That’s easy! Use Pexels.com

Here the focus is mainly on grungy photos and more alternative production, unlike the all professionalism of Envato Elements.


You can get great things here for small fees. This is a good place to get nice blog posts, original comics, logos and graphics you can use in your projects. Try it!

Artificial Intelligence Writer

Generate unique text with the artificial intelligence. This Medium story covers how to start.

Now all you need is idea. Where to get that? Try to make Google work for you, as it’s one of the best AIs today.

Get ideas online →

But wait, there’s more. +1 Build physical products online with just an internet connection?

Wiki Factory →

Envato Elements



AI Writer

Wiki Factory

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