Product Meta Key Filters!

Meta Filters are awesome! They allow filtering by any product meta key from the wp_postmeta database table. This means that you can filter by default WooCommerce keys such as total_sales, _featured, _downloadable, _width, _length, _height, _weight, _sku, _wc_review_count, _wc_average_rating. Custom meta keys created by third party plugins or users can also be used for filtering. To learn how to make Meta Filter check the samples! To start click the Add meta filter + icon. Filter settings will appear, set them as shown in samples. Cogs Wheel icon is used to set the filtering terms (meta values). Once you set the filtering options, click the Cogs Wheel icon and set filtering terms (meta values). Meta Filters support styling, use the Paint Bucket tool, and multiple selection.

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Average Rating (_wc_average_rating)
Meta Filter for special key _wc_average_rating that's used for product rates!
Meta Filter (_sale_price)
Meta Filter for special key _sale_price that's used for product sale prices!
Featured Products (_featured)
Meta Filter for special key _featured that defines the products that are marked as featured.
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