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Very Important - Support Changes

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Change Log - Widget and Sidebar Customizer 2.0.0 17. September 2015.

+ added Sidebar Customizer widget! now you can customize your sidebars too!
+ improved plugin style code optimized and new style assign system
+ improved plugin code (now in PHP class)
+ fixed translations are now where they should be
+ fixed WordPress 4.3 widget init bug

1. How to install?

Introducing the Widget and Sidebar Customizer Documentation features and installation.

  1. Plugin Features
  2. Installation

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2. Plugin Guide and Settings?

Guide which covers everything you need to know!

  1. Using the Widget Customizer
  2. Using the Sidebar Customizer

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1.1 Plugin Features

Introduction to some of the plugin features!

Widget Customizer is a simple WordPress plugin which enables you to style your own widgets in seconds! Colorize your widgets, set their background color, title color, text and links, with or without borders. Create awesome looking widgets is very simple! Just drag the Widget Customizer before the desired widget you wish to style and just setup the basic colors. Save your preferences and see the results. That simple and effective!

1.2 Installation

This section covers the first steps when using Widget and Sidebar Customizer. Please read it thoroughly now to avoid problems later.

To install this plugin you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information on installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex - http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress. Upon downloading the Widget and Sidebar Customizer archive, extract the archive and inside you will find full contents of your purchase. In the main archive you will find widget-customizer.zip file archive that contains the installable plugin files.

Please Note: You can install the plugin in two ways: inside WordPress, or via FTP. If you have trouble installing the theme inside WordPress, please proceed with installing it via FTP and you will be able to get around the issue

Installing from WordPress

Follow the steps bellow to install from WordPress Dashboard

  • Navigate to Plugins
  • Click Install Plugins and click Add New
  • Click the Upload Plugin button
  • Navigate widget-customizer.zip on your computer and click Install Now
  • When installation is done please click Activate to activate your newly installed Widget and Sidebar Customizer plugin

Widget and Sidebar Customizer is now running! Please read further to setup your filters!

Installing using FTP

Follow the steps bellow to install using FTP

  • Unzip widget-customizer.zip to a desired location on your HDD. These extracted files will be uploaded later via FTP
  • Connect to your server via FTP (Use FileZilla or any other FTP client)
  • Navigate to /wp-content/plugins/ server directory
  • Locate the local directory where you have unzipped the widget-customizer.zip archive
  • Upload local folder /widget-customizer/ to remote /wp-content/plugins/
  • To activate the newly installed plugin navigate to Plugins and click the Activate button

Widget and Sidebar Customizer is now running! Please read further to setup your filters!

2 Plugin Guide and Settings?

How to use the customizer?

2.1 Using the Widget Customizer

Widget customization, no coding skills required!

Add Widget customizer before the widget you wish to style. Choose one of the included presets or choose custom to create your own. Manage presets, save and load. Customize the Widget Customizer style options. Choose backgrounds use Google Fonts. Use background images and add borders and paddings. You can even use custom CSS. Use @widget prefix for your widget and write in some custom CSS after it. E.G. @widget li {border-top:1px solid #ccc;}

2.2 Using the Sidebar Customizer

Sidebar customization, no coding skills required!

Insert the Sidebar Customizer into the Sidebar you wish to style. The Sidebar Customizer enables you to customize each of your Sidebars, as well as the Widgets within that specific sidebar. All widgets within the sidebar containing the Sidebar Customizer will share the same styling options, giving a nice, uniform layout. Choose one of the included presets or choose custom to create your own. Manage presets, save and load. Customize the Sidebar Customizer style options. Choose backgrounds use Google Fonts. Use background images and add borders and paddings. You can even use custom CSS. Use @sidebar prefix for writing CSS. E.G. @sidebar li {border-top:1px solid #ccc;}

3. Support?

If something goes wrong check this section. Contact the support and we will help!

3.1 Widget and Sidebar Customizer - Free Version at WordPress.org

Your shop is going to find a new best friend after testing the free version of Shop Manager!!

Check this link ;) https://wordpress.org/plugins/asd-123-456-widget/

3.2 Where to get support?

If everything else fails you can surely get support!

When everything else fails and nothing seems to be right, just visit our support pages, you can always ask for the advice from our agents at Mihajlovicnenad.com Support Pages. Visit this link and click the button Connect with Envato. To get the support you will need to have an Envato/Codecanyon account you have purchased the plugin with, a valid license and a valid support period for the item you will be asking support. When the button, Connect with Envato, is clicked the site will automatically get your purchased products and their support periods. Once logged you can use the Submit Ticket button to open a new ticket. An agent will shortly reply. Please be a bit patient with your requests, we kindly answer everyone in a short period of time. Another way to ask for support is to post a question in the Item Comments Section. Always make sure to have a valid support period and license otherwise your request might just be ignored. If you email us about support via our profile page you will be kindly asked to open a support ticket at Mihajlovicnenad.com Support Pages or we will even ignore this request, as we are not answering support question via our profile page contact form. Read more about what item support inludes at Codecanyon Support Policy Pages. We kindly ask you to avoid questions about customizations or installation in all cases. To check most common issues you can check th FAQ and How to? section. Read the documentation, watch the full guide video and check the FAQ section before contacting! Thanks!

3.3 Plugin author and contact / Mihajlovicnenad.com

Hard work and dedication stand behind the Widget and Sidebar Customizer for WordPress!

Product Filter for WooCommerce was developed by Mihajlovicnenad.com!

3.4 Older Announcements and Change Logs

If you have missed some of these, please check now as it might be useful!

Change Log - Widget and Sidebar Customizer

+ Widget Customizer 1.1.0
- added export/import widget style presets
- added translation bugs and issues
- fixed background upload image bug